When I am depressed I read blogs about being positive. The articles sometimes lifted up my mood. Sometimes, I just don’t care to be “lifted”. These are the times, I just want to be negative. These are the times too, I feel envious of people who are always looking at life positively.

How do they do that?

We have the rights to the choices in life. We have the right to be happy, elated, ecstatic, “over-the moon” and also we have the right to be angry, fearsome, hateful; those are the choices in life open for our grasps.

This is what I learned. If I am happy, people around me will feel the happiness and eventually they will feel happy. If I am sad, I will emit the negative vibes and effect them as such. This may be true if you don’t have the self control over your feelings. You must feel the environment and be able to control what you want to feel in response to the feelings emitted around you. This way you will be able to avoid being an emotional wreck. We just have to be wise choosing.

I know… this is easier said than done. Sometimes when we are sad or depressed, we are irrational. We felt that all bad things are meant to happen to us.  We just want to hate. ….. So, who cares about being positive?

On the other hand, do we want to be hateful too? All the times? I am sure you would want to avoid people who are always negative and carrying the black clouds over their heads, right?

Oh well…. I know ideally we want to be positive all the times but sometimes being negative is what we need in order to appreciate being positive. Get what I mean?